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Live previews, instant updates and changes on the fly. To read more about customizing date formats, see the. In languages such as French, ordinal numbers must match the gender of the target noun, which can be feminine or masculine. Localization translation software built for translators Translators making use of Locales search feature can find and check translations easily. Here, terms are only used to define the ordinal suffix (nd for 2nd). Explore the history of all the translations that have occured and easily track the progress of your i18n and l10n projects.

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Java - Couldn t translate Date to spanish with Locale( es_ES )

For example, the ordinal term defines the default suffix, which is used for all numbers (unless, as described below, exceptions are introduced through the use of the terms ordinal-00 through ordinal-99). Okay, no consensus on the locale. 5.2 I am permitted by law in my locale to receive the medication(s). Furthermore, terms and numbers dont correspond one-to-one. As developers ourselves, we created Locale to scratch a multilingual itch that we couldnt find a cure for. Below we discuss the different types of terms, and how to translate them. Developers can easily, manually push translations with our CLI or use our interface. The ordinal term defines the default suffix. El lugar perfecto para pasar desapercibida, sin necesidad de un ataque relámpago.